The Path to A Good Life

At Life Bridge Services, the most dedicated, service oriented caregivers are creating a good life for individuals with developmental disabilities.


If you walk in one of our individual's homes, you would think, "Wow, this feels so comfortable, homey, and clean... I wish I lived here". Our kind and dedicated support staff provide around-the-clock care to assist individuals with their daily activities. Each home setting is geared towards support for the individual to maintain personal independence. We make every attempt to connect our clients to their family, friends, and community. We meet with our staff and inspect our homes on a regular basis.

Good. Clean. Fun.
Fun! Fun! Fun! We pride ourselves on helping our individuals experience a variety of activities. Our monthly activity calendar is filled with activities in which they can participate. We have monthly birthday parties, Sunday afternoon lunches, trips to sporting events, yearly get-a-ways, and more.
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Medical Administration Certifications/Renewals and 1st Aid/CPR

Life Bridge Services offers Level I, II, and III Medication Administration courses and renewals as well as blended online/in person 1st Aid/CPR courses.

Certifications training  that builds competence and confidence

  • 1st Aid/CPR blended online and in person instruction.  Online class through American Red Cross.  Skills Check portion through Life Bridge Services.  Skills check cost is $35.  

  • Medication Administration
    (Category 1 Certification)
    Initial $125/Renew $40

  • G/J Tubes (Category 2 Certification)
    Initial $60/Renew $30

  • Insulin (Category 3 Certification):
    Initial $60/Renew $30
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Payee Services

Our goal is to offer clients a safe and friendly money management program that they can count on to pay bills in a timely manner, receive quick and easy access to their funds, and save for their future.

Safe and friendly money management

  • Financial Oversight
  • Bill payment
  • rent payment
  • Weekly/monthly spending allowance
  • Benefits Analysis
  • Social Security Correspondence
  • Budget review
  • Bank Reconciliation

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